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Second Seed


In recent years our company has been fortunate to receive choreographic opportunities with repertory companies, universities, and presenting venues in the United States. We feel incredibly grateful for these opportunities and have learned a tremendous amount running a project-based dance company. While we’ve received generous project support from the institutions that have hired us and programmed our work, we're hoping to build a company infrastructure with strong administrative capacities, which would generate more opportunities to consistently employ dancers and work with collaborators in different mediums. 

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We invite you to participate in Baye & Asa’s first ever fundraising campaign

This campaign will support the tour of our newest evening length group work 4 | 2 | 3, and help create our company’s foundational administrative structure as we continue growing. Meeting our goal of $50,000 will help ensure our company’s operational functionality.    


For the next month, we are making our 15-minute short film Second Seed available for free to the public. If you like the film and want to support our work, please donate through one of the links below. Thank you for considering a contribution to the health and future of our work!

watch "Second Seed" below

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Baye & Asa
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